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Simple Strategies for Losing Weight

By: Bill Schuchman

To effectively lose weight you must change your life style. You body is in the shape it's in because of choices you have made, thoughts you have thought and beliefs you have accepted. These must change if you want to permanently lose weigh. I'm not talking about drastic or painful changes. Often you only need to make small changes to have a dramatic impact on your weight.

Review the following practical strategies and make them a part of your daily life. If you do this for 1 month you will see and feel your body begin to change.

-Move your body throughout the day by becoming more physical in your daily activities. This might include walking instead of taking the car. Maybe its time to give your house a good cleaning or painting the walls. When driving to a store park further from the store so you have to walk more. Get down on the floor and play with your pet or go outside and play with your kids. Just look for more opportunities to move. Movement is life.

-Increase your oxygen intake by doing deep breathing exercises a couple of times a day. Just sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. As you do this allow all the muscles in your body to relax and allow your thoughts to relax. Focus your thoughts on the body you wish to create. By doing this exercise for about 5 minutes 2 to 3 times a day you will become more relaxed and at the same time increase your metabolism.

-Eat more fruits and vegetables. Your body was designed to efficiently process fresh fruits and vegetables; it was not designed to ingest processed foods and high levels of carbohydrates. So when you are craving a sweet snack reach for some grapes or an apple and stay away from those Twinkies.

-Drink more water. Water helps to flush the toxins out from our body while drinking soda or coffee just add to the toxins that build up in our body. Nothing is as refreshing as a cold drink of water. For the next 3 days just drink water whenever you are thirsty and after 3 days notice how different you feel. If you're like most people you will notice that you eat smaller meals, and that you will feel less fatigued.

-Get enough sleep. Studies that shown that when we fail to get enough sleep our bodies begin to crave sugary foods and larger quanties of food. By giving into these cravings we get on the hypoglycemic rollercoaster that will have detrimental effects to our bodies. When we're exhausted we often turn to caffeine to give our bodies a boost which only adds to the imbalances of our bodies.

-Eat only when you are hunger. We have programmed ourselves when and what to eat. Often we eat unconsciously. When 12 o'clock comes we eat a meal just because its time to eat not because we are hungry. The next time it time to eat ask yourself am I hungry? And if you are hungry decide if eating a banana or a light salad will satisfy your hunger.

-The same goes for snacking, people snack because they have programmed themselves to snack at given times during the day. Before you snack ask yourself if you are hungry. And if you truly want a snack the reach for an apple.

-Don't diet or starve yourself. Your body is perfectly designed to regulate itself and maintain good health providing you give it balanced nutrition, exercise and emotional balance. By starving yourself or going on some crazy diet you push your metabolism into disarray. Your metabolism slows down, your cravings increase, you have to struggle more and more each day to maintain your craze diet until at some point you crash and begin eating everything in sight. In most cases you wind up weighting more then when you started. You goal should be to get your body into balance. This can best be done by eating a little less and choosing more natural healthy foods.

-It no secret that your body is the way it is because of your internal programming. You focus on food, what your next meal will be, how fat you look, what you don't like about your body. You need to change your focus and you'll change your internal programming. Focus on what you like about your body, look in the mirror and say to yourself, I love you and you're beautiful. Look for reasons to love yourself and your body. Do this for 1 month and notice the difference.

-Another reprogramming secret is to quietly repeat to yourself the following affirmation as you drift off to sleep each night. ''Each day I am doing things to lose weight and create a healthy strong body. My power word is Redwood'' Repeat this to yourself each night and it alter your subconscious so that you will automatically choose a healthier lifestyle. If during the day you feel a craving coming on or you need a boost to help you exercise just repeat your power word ''Redwood'' This word represents the mighty Redwood tree and it will remind your subconscious of your weight loss goal.

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