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The Three Phases of South Beach Diet Program

By: John Grant

The South Beach Diet provides three phases of diet programs that allow an individual to enjoy the indulgences of eating good tasting and healthy foods while still losing weight and obtaining the slim figure everybody would love to have.

Created by a cardiologist, Dr. Arthur Agatston, the South Beach Diet is becoming popular with its diet program that is unique and different from the rest of the dieting regimen programs online.

Centered under the principles of eating the right kind of carbohydrates and fats, the South Beach Diet promotes a new eating lifestyle that will let an individual feel contented with eating healthy food without compromising the experience of eating delicious and good tasting foods.

The dieting approach used in the South Beach Diet is established under three phases, the first of two of which involves a time framed dieting programs and the third is for a satisfying dieting routine for life.

The first phase of the South Beach Diet commences within the first two weeks of the dieting program and is centered with the goal of eliminating sugar cravings and to avoid starchy foods. This will be the initial step in order to jump off the weight loss program of the South Beach Diet.

The elimination of cravings for sugar will basically stabilize the blood sugar which is also responsible for craving to eat more foods making this an ideal diet regimen for the diabetics and obese individuals.

The foods to eat during the first phase of the South Beach Diet are more fiber rich yet delicious meal plans that will continue to satisfy the dieter's appetite. Moreover, the great thing about the South Beach Diet is that the person continues to eat three meals a day plus two snacks making a person under the South Beach Diet program not feeling deprived or hungry at all.

The phase two of the South Beach Diet program involves a long term diet regimen which is perfect for people with less than 10 pounds of weight to lose. They get to eat foods that are on the phase one diet with the addition of foods with good carbohydrates plus desserts. People with less weight to lose and those without too much excess belly fats fall under the phase two category dieting program.

The phase three of the South Beach Diet is basically for maintenance once the ideal weight is achieved by the person which they need to keep for life. The individuals under this phase are able to choose options on the kind of food that will fit their lifestyle.

These are naturally healthy and deliciously tasting foods. Under this phase the individual will continue to follow their dieting regimen from the first and second phase of the South Beach Diet and will continue to maintain their weight for life.

Following this diet means always eating healthy meal plans while enjoying the indulgences of good tasting but healthy food as the long term goal of the South Beach Diet.

About the Author - John Grant

John Grant is a the author for a diet fads site where he is writing articles about the South Beach Diet.

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