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Types of Childcare

There are several different types of childcare available. Experts agree that any of these options can be beneficial to children if they are provided properly.

There are government guidelines that apply to childcare. We recommend that parents looking for childcare review those government guidelines.

Child Care Center

A facility that cares for more than three children in a setting that is not a home. Child care centers, nursery schools, preschools, kindergartens and school age programs are included in this definition.

Family Child Care Provider

Someone that provides care in his or her own home. There can be up to twelve children, including the providerís own children under twelve years.

Group Child Care Provider

The care of up to sixteen children in a providerís home.

Other Types of Childcare
These are programs exempt from licensing.

  • Care provided in the childís own home
  • Care provided by relatives
  • Family child care for up to three children, including the providerís own children under the age of 12, or of just one other family
  • Programs serving children over age three which are operated by public or private elementary schools, or schools which are registered with the State Board of Education or accredited by a national organization
  • Programs conducted on Federal government premises
  • Part-day programs which children are cared for on an intermittent basis for up to 10 hours per week
  • Certain Montessori programs
  • Programs providing care for transient children while their parents are on the premises

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