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What Is Your Work Worth?

By Marie Feazell, from Work At Home Mom Help

Being a work at home mom, I see many moms who are trying so hard to get business that they are almost ready to give everything away short of selling their souls and the souls of their children. As a matter of fact, I have been guilty of doing that from time to time. In addition to proving that we are "all that," and that we care about fellow work at home moms, we also want customers and we want them to return. So how do we continue to generate income if we're giving it all away?

Now don't get me wrong. I think it is good practice every now and then to throw in something free. However, if a person orders a $5 ad, and you are so grateful, that you spend all your time and energy giving them multiple ads when they order, or giving them products, in excess, then you are really hurting yourself.

Do you ever find yourself lowering prices dirt cheap just to find people who will buy your service? And then once you have completed the service, you find that you've got a customer who is not pleased with your work. The customer then wants you to fix it to their specifications, and you do so. However, nothing you do pleases this customer and you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. It's not enough that you are selling your services under-priced, now you have to worry about a finicky customer who would NEVER pull this kind of stunt with a bigger company. And it sometimes seems that these kind of customers are looking for a way to get something for nothing. Don't get me wrong. Not all customers are like this. In fact I'd estimate that at least 99% of customers do not fall into this category. But the one-percent that do make it impossible for the other 99%. It's not fair but it happens.

Here are a few tips for dealing with finicky customers:

1. Add a condition in your terms of use or terms of service that you will correct a problem X amount of times (usually 3 is the target number). After 3 times, your job is finished on the project. That way a customer knows BEFORE HAND how corrections will be made if they are not satisfied.

2. SELL YOUR SERVICES FOR WHAT THEY ARE WORTH!!! I realize that home businesses, many times, do not have unlimited funds for promoting their business or buying other business services. However, when you SEVERELY undercut your services, you are also telling people that you may not have that great of services and you are desperate to have any business you can get. Also, in creating a stigma such as this, the finicky customers we are talking about sense this and it almost makes you a target for them to push around and take advantage of you.

3. Proof your work before presenting to your customer. If your work contains errors you want to catch them before your customer sees it. It makes you look more professional, and customers do talk about this kind of thing. Word of mouth can be powerful BOTH ways.

4. Remain courteous to your customer no matter how badly they may be behaving. If you have a troubled customer, it is highly recommended you keep a copy of all emails transpiring between you and the customer. If a customer becomes very irate, and you have exhausted all measures of catering to them, simply send the person a kind email reinforcing that you have tried very hard to please them and that you are sorry they were not satisfied. Then make a recommendation for someone else you know to do their service. (FIRST write to the person you are recommending and explain the situation BEFORE referring them. Ask if they think they can offer anything different from you that this customer may need.)

5. There's nothing wrong with having a sale. But don't tell the world that you are not valuable and that your services are not valuable by setting a much lower price than you should receive for your services.

These are but just a few factors to keep in mind. Remember YOU ARE WORTH SOMETHING. Tell the world that you and your services are valuable.

Marie Feazell is a wife and work at home mom of two. She owns Work At Home Mom Help, and has been in business since April, 2001, successfully helping other moms who want to work at home. She creates websites with features that help home business owners create, start or expand their Online business, and offers a vast array of proven business resources and services. Work At Home Mom Help Website

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