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Five Ways to Get Your Kids Outdoors

By Maraya Mullen

It is no secret that outdoor family activities provide many benefits for both the parents and their kids. Unfortunately, the sight of families enjoying fun outdoor activities like playing ball or happily riding an ATV for kids is becoming increasingly rare. With fun distractions like the Internet, video games and TVs now readily available to people in their homes, most kids can't see why they should bother going out.

The key to making the thought of spending time outdoors more attractive to kids is enticing them with fun activities they can't do indoors. Can't think of any good ones? Here are some you can try:

Play Old Fashioned Outdoor Games

Hopscotch, hula-hoop, jump rope, leapfrog- in the days before Halo 3, MySpace and SIMS, these games ruled many of the world's playgrounds. So why not introduce these amusing activities to your kids? Let them discover just how fun these traditional and low-tech games can be and you won't only get to spend a wonderful time with your children, you'll also be able to relive happy memories from your childhood.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

An exciting and thrilling, scavenger hunt is one of the best ways you can encourage your child to leave the comforts of the sofa and their video games. Set-up an elaborate hunt (rent cheap electric bikes you can go around on, use great props, create hard clues) and entice your kids with the promise of adventure, fun, invigorating physical activities and stimulating mental challenges. And if these are not enough to drag them out of their video game-induced stupor, then tell them there's a nice little treasure waiting for the winner too.

Go Ride ATVs and Dirt Bikes

If your kids are the kind who easily gets bored with ordinary games, then ATVs and dirt bikes are just the right thing to help you convince them to spend more time outdoors (and with the hundreds stores that rent and sell cheap ATVs and dirt bikes, finding some you can use shouldn't be a problem). Take them to closed circuits or sand dunes where they can ride these vehicles freely and experience a rush the most exciting Wii game can only hope to duplicate.

Play Sports

Not quite ready to see your 6 year-old driving a powerful machine? Well there's always our favorite sporting activities. Kick a few soccer balls around, shoot some hoops or perfect your batting swing-there are hundreds of traditional and non-traditional sports (e.g. Ultimate Frisbee, in-line skating) you and your kids can enjoy outdoors.

Visit Parks

If you and your kids want a more laid-back and relaxed time outdoors, then why not just go visit the neighborhood park? Fly a kite, read a book or even have a traditional picnic, do whatever you fancy as long as you do it outdoors.

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