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The U.S. Mom Market and How Companies Market to Us

Moms are powerful and influential consumers in United States households today. By taking a look at demographics, marketplace trends and products we can see how companies market to Moms and how Moms purchase items.

Products and services sold by companies today keep in mind the varied interests and habits of the white, hispanic and african american mom. Also considered are their values and beliefs, beliefs about motherhood, the types of marketing initiatives that reach her, how she chooses brands for her family, and what’s important to her in raising her children.

Other things companies look at in moms are their:
  • consumer expenditure patterns
  • shopping behavior
  • profiles of consumer attitudes on food, health insurance, pharmaceuticals, the Internet, and technology

Of particular interest to companies are new parents. Moms of children from birth to 5 years old will have the greatest expenditures during these early years across almost all cultures. Moms tend to be a dynamic consumer and have varied lifestyles, but when purchasing for a child of a certain age will be consistent in thier purchasing behavior.

What really matters to Moms when they consider products and services? Different things motivate different moms, yet they are remarkably similar at varied ages (whether at 40 or 21) when they have the same age child.

The way companies bring out their product, price their product, promote their product and place their product in the market place varies according to the dynamic and lifestyle of the consumer mom. Today many will segment moms not according to their ages, but according to their kid's ages.

Hispanic Moms

Hispanic or Latina moms lead the mom market in many ways: growth, birth rates, family size and more. As a group they are an important segment that most food, clothing, and technology companies now market to. Companies will initiate marketing and advertising campaigns based on an hispanic mom's thoughts on motherhood, the impact of her culture on her decisions as a mom, and what motivates her as a consumer.

Companies evaluate Hispanic moms by motivators and cultural tendencies and will bring products to market that confirm and expand on current knowledge about Hispanic moms and motherhood.

African American Moms

There are two significant segments to the African American Mom market --married and single mothers. The African American population has fewer married-couple families, but their mean income is nearly 15% higher than Hispanic married couples because African Americans are more likely to have both husband and wife in the labor force. Also important is that there are more African American families with an income of $75,000 or more (Approximately 2 million) than there were 10 years ago.

This is important information companies use to market to moms.

2 million out of the 38 million African American consumers total may not seem noteworthy, but it is. Companies look at the purchasing power of hispanics and blacks on par today because they have levitated to have similar purchasing power, especially in metropolitan markets.

Companies have appropriately assigned a high priority to the Hispanic market because Hispanics have emerged as the population segment expected to grow most rapidly in future decades. However, the African American market remains highly important because it includes segments with the potential to outperform the purchasing power of their Hispanic counterparts.

About the author: S.Matteo is President of NJ-based Tech Research Services

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