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Suggested Summer Activities for Moms and Kids

School's out and your son and daughter are wondering what to do now that their school friends and teachers are not in sight every day.

Across the nation mothers are managing the Summer Break issues. It will be great to have a summer vacation, enjoying parks, beaches, nature walks, and more, but what will you do on day 2.

Without a doubt kids will get bored.

So what will you do? Here is a list of suggestions for mothers out there who are in need of some great ideas:

  • Check the websites of your local township as well as regional websites and discover if they have any activities planned for during the months of June, July and August that your kids can attend.
  • Attend local cultural events in a nearby city
  • Attend festivals and carnivals
  • Call your local churches and see if they are offering any programs where your kids can learn about religion, play games and meet kids their own age.
  • Find out about Country Clubs and/or Private and Public Beach Clubs that offer day entry, even if you aren't a member.
  • Visit Art Museums and Science Museums
  • Visit your local library and check out as many books, videos, and audiotapes as you can.
  • If it gets too hot outside there is always the movie theatre for a matinee or a walk through your local shopping mall.
  • In the morning you or a neighbor can work out an arts and crafts hour for face painting or tie-died t-shirts, and in the afternoon you can try giving several lessons from age-appropriate Scholastic Workbooks.
  • And last but not least, find a summer day camp that is affordable for your family. You can contact your local YMCA, private Day-Care Centers, or another institution about Summer Camp programs. It may not be too late. Camps in which a camper would devote a majority of his or her time to one activity are referred to as Specialty Camps, such as Tennis Camps, Baseball Camps, etc.. You can look into these or the more traditional camp program that tend to be broader in terms of what it offers. Most general camps will provide programs in some team sports such as baseball and soccer, individual sports like tennis, and water activities such as swimming, as well as some outdoor options such as canoeing and hiking.

But most of all try to find time to have fun with your child. These days will not last forever. It is a time for them to learn, grow, make friends and have fun.

Email us with your Summer Fun ideas!

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