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Go for Scientific Weight Loss
Fat, although systematically proven useful to the human body, is not only a waste of food. When you're fat, if very fat, you're obese, and you do indeed have a disease. It can sneak right up on you like a homicidal lunatic.read more

How and Why Fiber Does Magic in Your Body
Since you eat fiber all of the time, then it would be a good idea to really understand what fiber is and what it does in your body.read more

Calories Burned
Many americans have a misconception of how calories are burned. The importance of knowing how calories are burned is very important in the fight to stay health and in shape. Expend more calories than you consume and there will be a weight loss.read more

Binge Eating is Not Black and White
It's the little things that you will need to notice and congratulate yourself on when beginning the recovery process of Binge Eating Disorder. These little things will be the stepping stones to gaining full control over yourself when food is involved.read more

The Biggest Misconception About Weight Loss Programs
Nowadays there are zillions of free articles, e-books, free reports and publications about weight loss programs and products. Most of the authors don't even realize that they are only losing your time by providing you free information, promoting commercial products.read more

Don't Drink Your Calories!
It may well be that soda pop is mankind's worst ever discovery. If you drink soda pop, especially the caffeinated kind, it could kill you, as shown recently when a man's death seems to have been associated with his overconsumption of diet soda.read more

The Most Efficient Way To Measure Body Fat
As a personal trainer I get all my clients to subscribe to the motto, ''It is not how much you weigh, but how much body fat you DON'T have!'' Body fat percentage is simply a measurement of the body's muscle to fat ratio. You may have been in the mall and seen scales and other gizmos that can test your body fat. But don't be fooled. Most of these scales don't have the ability to insert age, activity level, measurements, or even height. Many of these simply use an inaccurate math program inside the computer chip that basically guesses your body fat.read more

Why Diets Can't Work
People who are not overweight cannot understand why some people are fat. After all if you want to lose weight all you have to do is go on a special diet and exercise more. Unfortunately this is the way most diet plans approach peoples weight loss issues. read more

Back to the previous shape permanently
When people talk about weight loss, it usually means that they want to get back in their previous shape. But this is not so easy to come back to the sleek shape. There is no magic formula or method for losing weight. Weight loss is directly related to difference between the no. of calories consumed and no. of calories burnt in our body.read more

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