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Setting The Scene For Success In Divorce
A court can grant leave or permission to a person who has custody of a minor child to remove the minor child from the current jurisdiction to live in another jurisdiction.Learn about the difficulty for the custodial or non-custodial parent.read more

Top 10 Ways To Catch a Cheating Man
With infidelity on the rise, Stephany Alexander, founder of WomanSavers.com has sorted out the top 10 ways on how to catch a cheating man without hiring a costly detective. read more

Protecting your Credit Before the Divorce
A looming divorce can be stressful on anyone and in the heat of the moment. People who once shared love and respect can do terrible hurtful things to each other. If care is not taken during this stressful time, divorcees can find themselves in hot water later on down the track, worse still it is possible that serious damage can be done to an individual's credit rating. It is in your best interest to make sure that your credit and good name are protected before, during and after divorce. read more

The "Non-Divorce" Divorce
A new phenomenon in which a married couple remains together, in almost every sense of the word, despite the fact that both desire a divorce is being referred to as the "non-divorce" divorce. Supposedly, this trend is gaining popularity as the solution to a failed marriage. The "non-divorce" divorce is a mutual verbal agreement between two married individuals who want to keep their marriage in tact, but fully accept that the relationship is over. The goal is to feel divorced while continuing to live together and not get a divorce. They live in the same family home as roommates, participate in their children's lives as they had before they wanted a divorce, and maintain/preserve the marital estate. read more

Setting The Scene For Success In Divorce
As difficult and bad as things seem to be during the litigation of a family law case, the real battle or the real conflicts, are yet to be realized if it is contested. After a Judge determines contested issues, if there are one or more minor children, or any financial support matters over which the Court has retained jurisdiction, an odyssey of struggle and conflict will surely ensue for as long as the Court has jurisdiction over the matters. read more

How To Deal With Your Ex-husband's New Girlfriend
Many men and women find a new mate immediately after divorce. Your ex-husband may be one of them. This can be hard on you emotionally. With divorce new people enter your life, some not by choice. You must find a way to deal with your ex's new love. This is difficult if you are not currently in a relationship yourself. Why him, but not me? You ask over and over. read more

Divorce and Your Health
According to research completed at Iowa State University, divorce can lead to poor psychological and physical health in women. This recent research shows that divorced women have a higher susceptibility to chronic illness, especially over a period of time, compared with married women. read more

Unmarried With Children: The Challenges of Dating after Divorce
Divorced mothers who date must learn to care for their children's emotional needs while not neglecting their own. But, one of the biggest challenges for divorced women is simply meeting a man willing to date someone with children. read more

Victim Assistance for Women
Here are 21 resources for women's self-defense training, victim assistance, stalking, domestic violence, and advocacy to reduce violence against women. These resources assist victims of violence and crime through hotlines, referrals, criminal and civil justice processes, victim's rights, and support groups. Begin the healing process by calling a hotline and/or talking with someone who is professionally trained to assist you. read more

Helping Kids with Divorce
There are many situations where divorce is necessary; but the fact is, there is no agreement among the experts on how bad a situation must be for a child to benefit from divorce. Understandably, the biggest worry and the greatest heartache for divorcing moms is how it will affect the kids. Read some considerations for children at various ages. read more

Marriage & Infidelity: Cheating Spouses Can't Hide Their Extramarital Affairs
Few events cause as much turmoil in a marriage as infidelity, which can reduce a marriage to rubble, shatter trust and create a breeding ground for insecurity, mistrust and resentment. Most of us have witnessed affairs among people we know, and some of us even have had affairs ourselves. This kind of thing happens in the real world, and it happens all the time. One third of all married couples admit to having cheated on their mates. Let's not be na´ve. That's quite a large number of people taking risks! read more

When Stresses In Your Marriage Take Their Toll
What do you do when the stresses of your marriage start to become a problem? Many couples get mad and argue at one another. This will not do anything except make the problem worse. As a result, here are some ways to deal with your stresses in your marriage. read more

Useful Lessons from Failed Marriages
A recent study is revealing that marriage is very predictable. Over 1,000 experienced adults ranging between from ages 26 to 80 years old were interviewed. Among these interviewed adults were the successfully married, the unsuccessfully married, the adult singles who had quit looking for a lover, those who were still trying to find their mates, and a few who had completely changed their sexual behaviors to escape the deep pain. This study revealed information that has been missing. read more

Break-Ups And Doubts
After life reaches a stage where living together becomes very painful, one begins thinking of break-up. But the doubts can be overwhelming sometimes. They can mar judgment and confuse your thinking. This makes life further trouble for some. What is the way out? read more

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