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What rights does he have in canada?

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2006 3:12 am    Post subject: What rights does he have in canada? Reply with quote

Here goes, i am a single mom of 4 children, i had stayed home for almost 6 years and took care of my kids all by myself, i have of september gone back to work and and there has been hurdles.I am now adjusted.
My youngest who has a separate father from my other 3 hads been causing multitudes of problems for me. We broke up in 2000, because he hit my other daughter across the face and was charged. He later than was involved with counselling and i then agreed to let him have her every 2nd weekend. He then moved to another province for 2 yrs got married and has another child. He recently moved back to my province.
Since he has moved back he has all of a sudden trying to come across as superdad. By saying that i mean he is tearing me apart for working and now he is saying our daughter is better off with him because he is married and i am not, and i am not there as much as i used to be and wants to launch a custudy suit.
He has just been back here for 2 months, and everything i do he has something to say about. He has no idea what goes on in my household because he is not here. He has made comments about my daughters childcare, and comments about our daughter that she has no manners and is spoiled , and i am not here to deal with it. My children go to a licensed after school program, are clothed and fed. His wife is making comments about my life that she knows nothing about.He has never paid child support just the occasional offer of clothing and xmas and birthday.He freaked out at me because my older daughter had made a msn space and had a picture of my youngest on it, without my knowledge. I had deleted the site because i did not like it and he is saying that i am a poor mother because i let my child use the computer. He then made an issue because he picked our daughter up from the childcare and she did not have her coat, only because when the after school program came to pick her up at the school, she had left her coat at school, and hopped on the bus, and he blames me for it. It is not like a sent her to school with no coat. The last thing that is really bugging me is that, working for an american company i have to work canadian holidays, i was stuck for a sitter that day so i had my oldest babysit who i will say is of age and has a babysitters course and certificate, he showed up at my house unannounced while i was at work and freaked cause my children were on the computer , playing games.
I have had it, there is more petty stuff i will not get into and maybe this stuff is petty too i dont know. I am getting to the point where i wonder if i have to quit my job and stay home. I have not seen anywhere that it is against the law for a single mom to work. He has been gone all this time and comes back, and is now causing all these problems for me. Trying to make me look bad. Yes like i said when i first went back to work i had issues as of keeping the house together as in housework, and getting a proper schedule together however i have it together and it was just 2 and a half months for me to do so.but i did it. im living it. and now he wants to take my daughter.
So any inisight ?
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