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Been in and out of courts and now this, need advice

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 26, 2006 9:01 pm    Post subject: Been in and out of courts and now this, need advice Reply with quote

I have three children and been unable to see them now since 2004 I have posted my story on here a few times and been away busy trying to get my children back and have not succeeded and now it comes down with the courts telling me it's too late for me to appeal and they tell me now that there is no case it's not active anymore, I have fought the courts with Attorneys and without Attorneys and did not get anywhere with them if anything they made it worse for my family I lost all my legal rights with my children with no contact the fathers family has custody of my children well his mother but now his sisters are getting rights also and they did this without contacting me about whats going on I did just recently try to get another Attorney but they would not represent me said they could not help.

My children are getting older now and already time has been wasted and now more time is getting wasted there was never a reason for them to take them away from me all I can see is I was not rich I was always the only one who cared for my children regardless paid the daycare by myself and everything else was the only one who took them to the doctors, there father has left and started coming around our home and interrupted our lives so badly caused alot of emotional stress.

There fathers family has managed to get away with their lies in the courts anyways my sister went over where I can't go near their home she has told me that they said I can call I did not want to because in the past I always tried to work it out but they would always make up stories about me to the authorities and cause alot of problems and where the courts ruled against me and tell me it's too late and it's not active anymore I guess my only choice is this again work it out with the father and his family all over again I did call them up and they told me I can see them one day a week for one hour but has to be at their home and with supervision now and to think I was the one taking their father to court and was rewarded in 2003 then they came back with a bunch of lies and their connections and just took my children like nothing anyways what do I do now I don't know if I can trust this family and I don't know if I have the strength to deal with them again but they have my children and they are the only ones that have the say now they have verbally abused us so bad that it came to life threats and caused me to have a minor stroke and to think to go back to this to try and get my children back just makes me ill I would like to see all of us get along for my childrens sake because no matter what children love both their parents and this really does alot of damage to children do hope this works out what would any of you mothers do in this situation would you go back and try and work it out or just move on with your life and wait until your child is of age my daughter is almost 18 now scary for me to think she is almost ready to start her life out in this world without me filling in the blanks for her to get ready in life.

Does anyone have advice for me what do I do now I still don't want to believe that this is it omg Crying or Very sad
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