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Falsely accused

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Joined: 14 Feb 2007
Posts: 1
State or Province: Minnesota

PostPosted: Wed Feb 14, 2007 3:36 am    Post subject: Falsely accused Reply with quote

I had a visit from Social Services today regarding the bio-logical father of my son stating that I pulled his pants down and grab his penis and told my 13 year old son to cut it off. And that is not all of his false reports either. For starters this is coming from a guy that decided he want to be a father 3 1/2 years after our son was born and he was fully aware of his birth and even got to see him by me bringing him there when he was a week old. Now he is trying everything in his power to get full custody of him. He has taken a restraining order out on me for me apparently harassing him at work. Here is the story to this, He employed by Casino that has different locations and he works at the small one and I play at the big one(1 mile from each other) and apparently by me playing there that constitutes harrassment ( I didn't fight, didn't care). Now he is playing an evil game of calling the cops on me when we do exchanges if I say one word regarding our son. Such as, I went into labor and our son left that morning to go on visitation with his dad and he took my car keys without me knowing. So I called my son per his dads cell phone, ask for my son and asked him if he had my keys. The next thing I know the police are calling me on a complaint that he made because I called his cell phone. Another time was when I told him our son was crying all morning because he was scared to go on his first overnight visit with his dad. So I asked him if he would talk with him. And the next thing I know the cops are called on me again. Not quite sure how to co-parent without any means of communication ( no e-mails, no notebook, no 3rd party, nothing no contact or communication) the judge is aware of this and says contact the GAL but the GAL is friends with the fathers girlfriend. This is a mess does anyone have any advice on how I can get him to just do his parenting and stop with the drama and lies.
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Joined: 10 Jan 2007
Posts: 10
State or Province: Oklahoma

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 10:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

If the GAL is friends with someone he dates it is a conflict of interest. End of story you must have a new GAL assigned. If you have a lawyer, consult them immediately and let them know about this. The GAL is supposed to be entirely impartial. Friends of his girlfriend pose a risk because they will hear their side of the story and trust them, whereas you are a stranger and they won't trust you. Get rid of that GAL!!!!!!
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Joined: 10 Nov 2006
Posts: 24
State or Province: Utah

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 10:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, what a bad situaation. First I would get a new GAL, like 4penny says they have to be nuetral. They are actually only suposed to be for the child not for the parents.
Second I would be documenting all this, and taking him back to court for a modifcation. I would have the drop off and pick up in a "safe" place such as a fire or police station. Especially since he has a restraining order agaist you. Also get your son a cell phone, one of the prepaid ones or the kids ones that only allow him to call certain people. That way you have a way to reach your son in case you need to, and wont have to worry about the father calling the cops on you and other harassing things.
What does your son think of all the things his father has been doing?
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Joined: 31 Aug 2006
Posts: 9
State or Province: Kentucky

PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2007 8:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ha ha, I just noticed your state is MN. Good luck... the truth has no place in those courts!

I wouldn't worry too much, if your son is 13, what he says will carry some weight in court. But if I were you I'd see about contesting the restraining order. I don't know if it's too late, but you should talk to a lawyer.

The cell phone is a good idea, but only if you know the dad isn't going to take it from your son. Otherwise it's just a waste of money.

Unfortunately, there really isn't a way to get men to grow up, stop using the kids to control us and just be the best fathers they can be. If there were, there wouldn't be anyone posting HERE, that's for sure.
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