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Baldwin / Basinger and Joint Custody

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2007 12:19 pm    Post subject: Baldwin / Basinger and Joint Custody Reply with quote

Any commentary on this story from parents on this board?

I was appalled to hear the story on Anderson Cooper 360 about Alec Baldwin. He expressed angry words to his daughter over a voice mail and it was subsequently broadcast to the world. He calls her a pig, uses curse words, belittles her, degrades her. But that is not all.

...What is possibly even more significant in this story is when and how he claimed parental alienation.

The man claims that Parent Alienation caused him to behave in this manner. I am no newcomer to this claim. It occurs everyday in child custody cases around the United States. It is talked about on the message boards, online journals, blogs and face-to-face in mediation. An ex-husband claims it of his ex-wife or a an ex-wife claims it of her ex-husband.

Is he using the term as a crutch? Was he unexpectedly caught and embarrassed and his attorney said or he thought up ..."Parent Alienation" as the best excuse to get him looking good to the public?

Some fathers and mothers have both misused this term. What do you think?

Do you feel for the mother who has not only had her child abused verbally like this, but to also now be accused of being the root of the problem?
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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 6:43 am    Post subject: I Need HELP!!!!!!!! Reply with quote

Hello everyone,
Sorry if this doesn't come out right. I'm new to this! This is how I felt after seeing the interview. And if there is anyone with any ideas please let me know. This is the letter I sent to Barbara Walters by snail mail.

May 1, 2007

Barbara Walters
C/O ABC Studios
320 W 66th St
New York, NY 10023

Dear Ms. Walters,

I am writing this to you after seeing the interview with Alec Baldwin. I wanted to let you know that I was trying to send an email but it wouldnít go thru.
I am a victim of parent alienation as well.
This is a big problem!!!
I have been divorced since 1994 with 2 children. I have just like
Alec, joint legal custody, (doesnít really matter). I have not seen my children since 2001. I can understand his frustration, I am there as well. I am in a situation that I cannot deal with any longer.
I am being railroaded by my ex husband. This is the only way left
for him to hurt me. This is going to shock you why this battle started with him again, was because I wanted to go to my daughters high school graduation. My mother went ahead and sent a letter to Tottenville High School because sending stuff in the mail doesnít get to them. Calling doesnít get anywhere, the adults in the home actually hang up on you. Screen names have been blocked. So the school actually gave her the letter. And then this war started again.
Actually, he is only hurting our children in the long run. This situation also affects my parents, they havenít been able to see their grandchildren. I am also fortunate to have my grandparents alive, and they have not been able to see their great- grandchildren. And these two children have been deprived from these relationships as well. How may children have great grandparents aroundÖ..not too many. I could really relate to something Alec said. He said he talks to men and they said they have gone ahead and remarried and have started new families and basically have written the first children off. This is not just for men!
I am the mother of 2 children and I am right there!!!! I am not a man, I am a MOTHER, I have carried these two children for 9 months and given birth to them and I am at that same point!!!!!!!!
This court system is a joke, nothing ever gets straightened out,
no one really CARES!!! They say they want to do what is in the best interest of the children, well that is crap! The lawyers just want to make money. I am totally broke, I cannot pay an attorney. The last one my mother gave me $5,000. retainer and nothing got done either. Now, I have to go back on 6/15/07 to Staten Island Family Court. If I donít pay $6000. they will put me in jail. I currently reside in Florida, and the state of Florida is enforcing the original court order from 2001, so now I have two states coming after me for the same time period and no one cares, no one will help me and it just keeps going around in circles. I have contact legal aid here in Florida, they havenít been able to help. I have contacted legal aid in NY, that doesnít work either. There has to be something here, how can you have two states enforcing two different court orders for the same children for the same time period. This is nuts!!!
I do not have the money, I cannot pay my property taxes, there will be a tax sale on my home. I donít have any Health Insurance, not 401K, or any retirement. My Ex husband has it all, and I must pay him. I am being totally railroaded!!! I donít know what my 11 yr old is going to do with HIS mother being in jail. This system is so
messed up, I donít know where else to turn! PLEASE HELP!!!!
One parent uses these children to hurt the other. And that is
the bottom line! If there is anything I can do to help with Alecís
mission to get something changed please contact me.
I can be reached anytime at XXX-XXX-XXXX that is my cell phone.
I have suffered from this abusive man for long enough! I have grown a lot. I have gotten past the physical abuse, but the mental abuse is still going on. I have to go on line and see if I can find pictures that my daughter posts on her website to see what my children look like. This type of behavior needs to be stopped and I really feel I am strong enough to help in this fight!!!
Today is my 41st birthday, and I am making a promise to myself to use everything I have to stop this. I need to be pointed in the right direction and I know you and your associates are just the right people to do that.
I apologize if this letter is a bit ranting, but I have so much information on this subject, I really donít know what to say first.
I donít know what will get some ones attention, either for a story or for someone to see that this is not about deadbeat parents!!!!!
Itís not that at all!!! and these stereotypes need to be put to bed.

I am not an unfit mother, I am not a drug addict, I donít have any type of incapable parenting skills. I am Class mom for my sons class. I bring my son to Karate Daily, I work full time. I go on Field Trips, I volunteer with my Church. I am a good person! Itís a head game played by the custodial parent and the court system just helps them do it!
The real problem needs to be addressed, and the true violators be held accountable for their part in this. And allow these children to know they have two parents that love and care and want to be in their life, but have not been permitted. This is a terrible game to put on these kids!
Also I want to thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

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