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New Here Let me tell you my story can you help?

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 11:17 am    Post subject: New Here Let me tell you my story can you help? Reply with quote

Ok it gets a little sudsy so bare with me!
It all Started june 2005 when i moved to springerville arizona from tucson, I was Trying to get my life back together after losing two of my children and going through a divorce! My mother had guardianship of my at the time two children Hannah and Jayden so i moved to be closer to them in hopes that i would get them back.... I started working at a convenience store as a cashier and my Manager and I began having an affair He told me that he was Already in the process of a divorce and he was DONE with her .... (something should have clicked ) . He told me that she was Psycho that he never slept because he was afraid that he would wake up to her standing over him with an axe and he would end up in pieces in someones freezer ! We shared a common interest in music , he played guitar and I am a vocalist We made plans to move to Nashville and pursue a music career.... he told me he loved me , asked me to marry him and I thought i was in heaven! The date came around that we were suppossed to move to nashville and he never showed I called him and told him that this was rediculous and that he needed to choose who he wanted to be with.... I was not gonna be treated like a bouncy ball h chose her and I was devastated.

About two weeks later I found out that I was pregnantI called him to tell him and he was happy ( or so he said) he also said he still loved me and that if i was patient It would all work out the way that i wanted it too. He came over september 3rd 2005 while my parents were out of town and had me convinced that he was telling the truth told me that he was afraid for me and the baby if his wife found out. We made love again LIKE AN IDIOT i was sucked in. He went home to his wife and I fell asleep alone!

In october He came to me and BEGGED my forgiveness claime yet again that it was truly over he said that he moved into his moms house and wanted me to move in with him there so that he could take care of me and the baby.....TWO DAYS LATER he went to talk to his wife about custody arrangements and after 9 hours of him not being there a sheriff deputy came to his moms house and served me with a restraining order.
Immediately i fell to the floor in a panic attack . the restraining order contained Total B/S about how he only slept with me once and that I FORCED HIM into it, that i threatene to kill his wife and kids , that i was a pathological liar and had ADD so that made me incapable of taking care of the baby so when it was born IF i was his he was going to seek full custody.

I wanted to fight back but everyone including my OB/GYN thought it best for the pregnancy to have very little stress for the duration of my pegnancy. I dropped it and cried myself to sleep for MONTHS having been made a fool yet again by a man who said he loved me . They broke up several more times and everytime h tried to call me ...... Ethan Colby James Parris was born on April 4th 2006 weighing 5lbs 11oz and being 20 inches long he was beautiful His father showed up (SURPRISE SURPRISE) to see him after he was born and said that he looked like his daughters (he has 5girls and ONE other boy ) he came back the next day said He was happy to see me that he loved the baby so much and couldnt wait to be a family yada yada yada. He dropped out of the picture for almost a year. In june of 2007 i started dating my best friend george and fellhead over heels we got engaged and things were fine until we rel;apsed ( i have been an addict on and off since i was 19) other people got involved he got his probation violated and was forced to leave me and our home in october 2007 I WENT NUTS !!!!!!! couldnt eat couldnt sleep all i did was cry and walk round the house in the few t-shirts he left behind and wrap myself in his blanket just to feel closer to him. My ex saw how bad off i was and i thought he genuinel cared when he said he would take ethan for as long as i needed so that i could get myself bacj together. Well i should have known... Nov 2007 he filed for full custody saying that I was Prostituting myself for drugs that i was doing EVERY DRUG UNDER THE SUN and DRINKING LIKE A FISH that our son was 15 lbs. underweight ( which is bull he had rolls on his rolls) that he showed all the signs of being a meth baby ( which is another lie) And because of my past involvement with C.P.S the judge awarded him custody and i was given FOUR HOURS A WEEK wed & Sat from 5pm-7pm in EAGAR which was 45 min away from me I had no vehicle no job and now an even bigger depression problem the only way i functioned was to use It made me numb for a few hours my life spiraled downward george came back the last week in november and we got back together (the Bright Light in all of this) he went to jail for not reporting to rehab ( He stayed behind for me ) an i lost my apartment then i was informed that they were going to try and sever my rights..... ( i put up with Damaging mental abuse , Slanderpous remarks, and controlling personalities) I do not have money for an attorney and legal aid is just for domestic violence I am getting ready for the fight of mylife and i dont even have a leg to stand on....... Im going to rehab as soon as I know whats going on ! Even though I have been clean I NEED LIFE REHABILITATION but i need advice , encouragement etc from people who have been there!
Thanks for Reading ,
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