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Alabama Mom's...Tell me your story...

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State or Province: Alabama

PostPosted: Thu May 08, 2008 11:01 pm    Post subject: Alabama Mom's...Tell me your story... Reply with quote

I am from NW AL., I am a 45yr old non-custodial mom and a survivor of the all to frequent occurance of the injustice called "family court." I have been in my situation since beginning in 1994. My education is on this subject is extensive and factual. I lost custody of my first child, a daughter, at age 12. This occured in Franklin County, after having had sole custody of her since age 3. This, after a brief hearing by a circuit court judge based on allegations by the father(whom did not want to pay child support of $25.00/wk). Actually, it was my ex mother-in-law that wanted my daughter. Evidence against me was immoral behavior based on a picture of me in a bathing suit contest prior to my marriage when I was 19yrs old and the fact that I had been a bathing suit model, period. No girls gone wild stuff, either. I modeled for the top company world wide at the time. I was also a RN, and a business owner. I was in my second marriage, and 4mon pregnant with my now oldest son. Note this, my ex mother-in-law had been the judges nanny to his only child.

I lost custody of my oldest son when he was 2yrs in 1997, in the neighboring Lauderdale County. The depression and trauma from losing my daughter weighed heavily on my marriage. A bitter divorce/custody ensued. This husband was also abusive with arrest records to support such. Again, this ex mother-in-law fueled and motivated the custody. She was, at that time, the Sheriff's close relative. Evidence against me was allegations of instabilty related to PTSD(Post Tramatic Stress Disorder) and depression associated with losing my daughter. Also, I had been a bathing suit model.


I lost custody of my youngest son, at age 7yrs, in 2005. Following allegations, completely untrue, of instablity associated to PTSD and a sleep disorder. Prior, in 2001, I was awarded custody of my son following another bad, abusive relationship. This father was a known drug dealer, convicted felon. Had just gotten out of drug rehab. Also, had convictions x2 of domestic assualt against me. He owed $10,000+ in back child support. It was cheaper for him to hire one of the best "child stealing" attorneys in the area. This custody took a conspiracy between my attorney, his attorney, the GAL and a sleeping judge. In order to hide the father's past, the first hearing resulted in a default judgement, a so called miscommunication between my attorney and myself. His failure to tell me of the court date. I hired a new attorney due to the care my son was recieving with his father. Factually, and proven, his neglect of a broke arm that was not treated for 2wks. This resulting from leaving his son at the skating rink alone. Also, untreated a permanately damaged eye resulting from a 20ft fall on a separate occasion. All this proven by medical records, yet, the GAL made noticeable efforts to praise the father and focus on my depression and sleep disorder and the medications to treat. Their was a final hearing in Sept. 2007. My attorney was so incredibly unprepared it was frightening. The GAL had misplaced vital evidence, such as, incriminating taped phone conversations with the father. My son's unaware taped explicit conversations with related to sexual abuse(father having sex with his girlfriend in the same bed with our 8yr old son while he's awake watching TV). My son explaining his witness to father's drug use of crack cocaine and marijuana. The GAL's sifting through my pysch history, only keeping in record those things that implicated my weaknesses. None of my strenght's and triump's are of record in this case.
I settled for joint legal, the father with primary physical. Myself with the farce of visitation. So, you see...the father gets out of child support.
At this time, I have my son most of the time. Thank God for me, the father is his loser self. He did not want custody of our son, he wanted his child support and wanted me to pay. Due to my disability and limited income, I was not ordered to pay.

I know Alabama family courts, its law and injustice very, very well. I would like to hear your story. And, I do realize this is happening in epidemic to good, caring, loving Mother's all over the country.

It is apparent we, these wonderful Mom's, need education, funds and unity
to save our children.

And, for the disgusting father's and mama's boy's, we will unite against your selfish evil. I assure you this unity is coming

"I am a survivor and I'm not sick anymore, the past you have given me, IS now my passion."

I pray for our justice and peace...

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