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My mother is starting trouble!!!

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 10:31 am    Post subject: My mother is starting trouble!!! Reply with quote

I am a single mother in my late twenties who has lived with my mother off and on since my child was eight months old. He is now six years old, and I moved out of her house for good earlier this year. My mother and I have never gotten along well, and since I became a mom myself, that has only gotten worse. The only reason I ever lived with her is that it was more important to keep a roof over my son's head than it was for me to feel happy.

However, it got to the point where she was treating my son like he was her personal therapist, venting all of her adult frustrations to him, including things like how she was going to lose her house, or how she was having trouble at work and with whom. She would also tell him distorted stories and flat out lies about me that were very negative, like that I tried to let him die in a car fire when he was a baby, or that I was going to be going to jail and she was going to be raising him (don't know where that one came from since I don't do anything illegal). When we moved three and a half hours away from where she lives, she told him that I would get tired of paying bills and we would move back in with her inside of a year. Yet, I still let her visit with him, take him back to her house, and have contact with him over the phone, UNTIL we got into an argument over a story he told her about a day care that he was not even going into anymore, and I told her he had not told me that story...she said he was "afraid" to talk to me, and at that point I had had enough of her constant criticism of my parenting skills, so I told her she was out of line. The argument escalated, and when we got off the phone, she told my son (according to what he later told me), "Well I guess your mother's never going to let you come over to my house again." That was the last visit she had with him, in August of this year.

Now she has called Children's Services and reported me as an unfit mother. The Child Protective Services Investigator went to my child's school and interviewed him, and will be coming over to my house tomorrow to supposedly close out the investigation. He told me that he had no concerns for my son's well being after seeing him and looking at his records, both school and medical. However, one of the other mother's from my child's day care said the same thing happened to her, and the day after the CPS investigator went to her house, they took her child away. And she said that nothing in the report was what they actually discussed. She eventually got her daughter back, but I guess I'm just nervous that something like that could happen to me. Does anyone out there have any advice? Anyone gone through something like this? I'm very concerned about this whole situation popping up, as you can imagine.
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