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never gonna give up!

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Joined: 13 May 2010
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PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2010 11:25 am    Post subject: never gonna give up! Reply with quote

Crying or Very sad
i am 30yr old mom of 3.i have two boys with my ex-husband cody 13 a.j.9 we got divorced in 2005,i was with this man since i was 14yrs old he was all i knew.i had our first son when i was 16yrs our second when i was 21.well,we just grew apart,i believe we were just to young and we were doing what we thought we was supossed to be doing.we did try to make it work but it didnt.we were living with his mom,i was the one that left and at that time i had been ill i hadnt worked for over 2yrs so i had to try and go back to work i was staying from place to place and didnt have stable home for my boys so i left them with ther dad and his mom she had always taken care of us and i knew my boys would have everything they needed.the agreement was that when i got back on my feet i could get my boys back.but,now five yrs later and over 3yrs later i still dont have ex has a girlfriend that has now been trying to take my roll away as mom she has put in false statements of the whole situation talks bad about me to my kids i have all kinds of stuff i believe to be proof of mental abuse . i have never been in trouble for any kind of neglect or any other trouble of any kind.yet i just lost a custody case,trying to get them back.the only thing i did wrong was trust the man i had spent my life with to give me back my boys.
ther is alot of drama going on with this situation his girlfriend has assaulted my mom when she tried to get at me when i was sitting in back seat of car with my new born baby,she has said and done so much and made my poor boys do so much stupid she would make up sentences for them to write and bring to my house ,like a.j. do you pee the bed at your moms just crazy stuff like that.she now has a whole myspace basicly for putting me down and everything in it is false she has made my oldest son read some of the stuff she has wrote.she has been doing this for over 3yrs my kids are so brain washed i feel so sorry for them.i hate myself for leaving them to be subject to all this.
and now the worst part of all this is i just found out last yr that my 9yr old a.j. has a disorder called leaukodystrophy,and they gave him six yrs to live. not only have i been getting pushed away from my boys for about four yrs i am not not gonna be able to take care of my son for HIS LAST 6YRS.
i need help!!!! i just gave this atty. i had $3500 waited over 2yrs for a trial.i lost and now have no more money.
but i am never gonna give up that is why i came here to see if anyone can.please,help me help my boys!!!!!!!
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