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Ten Ways to Save Money on Food

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2012 7:36 am    Post subject: Ten Ways to Save Money on Food Reply with quote

With food being a necessity, it would be great if it was free. Unfortunately it isn't, most of us show up to the market at least 2-3 times a month to spend hundreds on food to nourish our bodies. Food can be a substantial part of our monthly budget. It is a necessary expense that can add up very quickly.

Even though food is a necessity, you don't have to go broke purchasing it. There is a wide spectrum for the cost of food depending on eating out, the supermarkets you choose and the type of food you buy. According to the US Dept. of Agriculture, the average family of four spent $1244.30 on food in January, adhering to a liberal plan. On the other hand, a similar sized family following a thrifty plan spent only $629.10. That is a huge difference. There are several ways to achieve that thrifty plan and still meet your food needs.

1. Skip eating out.

Think about it, a family of 4 eating out once a week can easily run $400 a month. There goes your food budget.

2. Make a list.

Before heading out to the grocery store, make a shopping list. This prohibits impulse purchases that can kill your budget. Plan out what you will need for the week and stick to it.

3. Don't do shopping hungry.

It sounds silly but shopping hungry will cause you to make those impulse purchases that will hurt your budget.

4. Look for generics

Not all products are created the same, however supermarket brands can be just as good as the name brands we all know and love.

5. Buy in bulk

We're not suggesting being a hoarder, but if you see something on sale that you know you use frequently, buy more than a week's worth.

6. Use coupons

If you've ever watched the show "Extreme Couponers" you know coupons can save you hundreds of dollars. You don't have to be extreme but you can still save a buck or two.

7. Use your leftovers

Don't throw that leftover meatloaf in the trash, make use of it. Turn it into a meatloaf sandwich. Reinventing leftovers can save you money.

8. Pay attention to sales

A lot of us will walk right past the circular when entering the supermarket, not even giving it a glance. A different brand of paper towels may be on sale that week and save you on what you would normally spend.

9. Use store reward cards

Many chains now offer store cards that can give you discounts on your purchases just by swiping them.

10. Budget

Plan what you want to spend on food ahead of time and if you go over, put stuff back. Stick to your budget and you will see your food costs go down in no time.

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