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A few words from a mom

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 12:48 am    Post subject: A few words from a mom Reply with quote

I agree with BostonDave:
"And to state that fathers get the upper hand in Custody is delusional at best, dishonest at worst"

To zoeysmommy89:

“Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.”-Aristotle

The problem with such quotes is that they are terribly divisive. Do you honestly believe this to be true? I know plenty of mothers who are completely lacking in affection. In fact, MOST mothers I know kind of make a mockery of the reputation of being loving and nurturing. Most women I know are hateful and manipulative -- not just to men, but to other women.

And also: "Those who do not believe in love, have never given birth to the love of their life. "- unknown

Really? OK, so it must be that men can't believe in love, because they are excluded in that group.

"Women = nurturing" is a cultural myth, a fable: that's all it's ever been, but it is becoming increasingly so in the 21st Century because trans fats and birth control are destroying our natural hormonal balance. I am embarrassed by a lot of the women and mothers who surround me. We are not the gentle, loving, and supportive creatures we are meant to be. Just because a relationship didn't work out doesn't mean you have to be consumed with homicidal rage for the rest of your life. Focus on the children.

Loving mom, you sound psychotic. When you associate "presumptive joint custody" with "the demise of child support for all time" it just sounds like an ugly sense of entitlement to the father's money. That's a problem. And women are far way more adept at applying "child custody secrets" to prevail in court than men. Women are experts at false accusations. Yes there are mens' rights organization out there, and they're an answer to a very heavily biased court system that **overwhelmingly** favors women. Unless a woman is heroin addicted and prostituting herself, in all likelihood she will get custody. You might not have. If so, don't bother to call yourself in as an exception. And don't get all your information from the NOW. You think they are your advocates?

A common theme here seems to be that it's a problem that fathers have "more rights" Do you ladies know how retarded does sounds? As women, aren't we always screaming about "equality?" So what's the problem with men having equal rights as parents? The problem is that it offends your ego and you want to be the only person to whom the dignity of parenthood is conferred. You want all the glory. You want the child to yourself. Shame on you. Shame on any woman to whom this applies.

Think of your child or your children first. Don't be so selfish. As a mother myself, obviously I am not opposed to mothers getting custody -- EXCEPT when it can be clearly shown that the man is the more fit parent. Yes ladies, that happens. But I am not "against women" any more than I am "against men." and neither am I "for men" or "for women" -- I am simply for the more loving, nurturing, competent, and mentally stable parent. And sometimes, the agents of the state are not impartial fact finders applying that same standard and operating under that same moral compass. Maybe your own moral compass is honestly telling you that something is wrong and that the child would be better off with you. Or maybe you're just mad because you didn't "win."
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