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PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 7:30 pm    Post subject: Visitation Reply with quote

My ex and I divorced in 2013. He's in the military so at the time we were both residing in Florida. He got sole custody of our daughter who just turned 17 in June, our divorce was final a month before she turned 14. When we divorced I had not worked in 12 years outside of the home and couldn't afford an attorney, he did have one though. Last summer he PCS'ed to NC and married my "best friend" 6 months later, once he moved I then moved home to Oklahoma to be with my family. Before he moved we went through his attorney and signed a contract about him moving with our child and visitation. In it it states that I get her for the summers and during holidays. Because of the distance that has only been at Christmas because of travel time. When planning her summer visit he asked me for a few weeks of my time because they had a family vacation planned, I agreed to that and told him I didn't mind as long as we could work together. She got out of school June 8th and they don't start back until August 29th. We agreed that she was to arrive here on June 10th and return yesterday August 10th. While she was here she told him that she is happier here and when she turns 18 she's going to come to live with me. He told her she couldn't do that because she will still be in high school and that they divorce papers say she has to stay with him until she graduates, not true!! He then turned on me and said very mean things to me, calling me names, etc in texts (I've kept them all) and that he's not going to let her visit me again until she turns 18, that I will not be able to see her at Christmas. And that if I want to see her before she's 18 it has to be with a guardian ad liem. There's no reason for this other than him getting upset because she wants to live with me. So after all of that long explaining... my question is can he legally withhold her from me? I never lost my rights and I do have visitation rights. What can I do to make sure he adheres to what we agreed to when we signed that contract with his attorney? Please help!! As soon as she got off the plane yesterday he took her phone, that I got for her while she was here, and he didn't allow her to contact me until 11pm my time last night, midnight their time. I love my child and she loves me. Please anything you can offer, I'd greatly appreciate!! I can't afford any attorney, as I work at a fast food restaurant. I'm hoping to find some legal assistance here in Oklahoma. But I want to get on top of this now, as I want to see my baby at Christmas as we originally agreed upon. Thank you so much!!
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