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Joined: 17 Jan 2018
Posts: 9
State or Province: Saskatchewan

PostPosted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:12 pm    Post subject: Help Reply with quote

Posts made on social media by by husbands ex. Screen shotted, date and time stamped with her name.

"The only good thing he's ever done in his life is donate the one sperm cell I needed to make my son"

"Hopefully his dad goes to jail"

"P rick, jerk" "abusive"

"Not until he is old enough or willing to testify that he doesn't want to see his dad, who he adores"

"He is a jerk and I do hate him"

"If my sons father goes to jail do I have to take my son to see him?"

"I'm not opposed to bending the truth to get what I need for my son"

"Never have the words wage deduction notice sounded so sweet"

"Hostage negotiation with the ex" (this was because we alternate holidays and she tried to bully him into giving her our holiday time)

The rest of my concerns for step son;

Over 30 doc appt in 1 yr
14 different doctors
6 different medications

(The above stopped cold turkey when I started questioning doctors.)

Carrying him in a baby wrap at 5.5yrs
Putting him in diapers still
Rocking him in a basinet with a bottle and diaper.
Lieing to him that his medication was vitamins
Pinning him down in a blanket till he's begging to be let go
Locking him in his room till he's traumatized
(He asked me and his dad to remove his bedroom door)
Sibling rivalry to point of bloody violence
(She's married with two new babies)
Step dad calls him spawn of satan, little monster
Is mean to him and ignores him.
She was putting him in girl clothing, but made a post asking for girl or neutral clothing only for her two daughters.
Squirting breast milk into a cup in front of him as a treat.
He told her he wanted to stab and kill himself in her home.
Shoving things up his rectum sometimes to the point of bleeding in her home.
Drinking a beer out of her fridge, step father drinks to point of passing out on floor.
Cops called because she had no boots on him in winter.
All admitted by her and screnshotted.
CPS called, involved, went to her home she cried and said everything was under control they believed her.
Cps said he's 5 kids say they want to kill themselves all the Time its normal.

50/50 custody.
She's claimed in court that hubby raped her, which was not even considered by the judge. withheld childchild from dad
Finally got 50/50 custody due to me helping husband by taking over communication and killing her with kindness and finding/documenting all the abuse.

He hits smacks bites her calls her names says he hates her refuses to go with her refuses to go in the house from her van.
She frequently cries in front of him, puts him in girls clothing (but specifically girls clothing for her two daughters' says she wants to dismantle the patriarchy ect.

Psychiatrist and OT signed saying he's insecurely attached to her
Play therapist signed saying mothers parenting is not fit for him.

He's 5.5yrs old.
He calls me mom.

He begs not to go there she claims SPD ADHD OCD ect but he is absolutely normal mild mannered and happy as soon as she is away from him.

She put him in gymnastics, he hated it and we put him in taekwondo he can't wait to go again.

We don't even want her and step father removed we just want them to smarten up. She says they are about to lose their house refuses to put him in public school because she will lose time with him but we would be putting him in k or grade 1 on OUR time mon-thurs it wouldn't effect her at all.

I'm so frustrated. I host family meetings in our home step dad won't come, I've lent my ear to her I've given her money to help, I've made my husband be amicable when he didn't have to be...
I'm at a loss.
Just seeing her is causing me to be sick because I love her son so much and can't give her advice without her becoming conflicting and defensive.
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Joined: 26 Jan 2018
Posts: 10
State or Province: California

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That sounds like a horrible situation, and you sound like you're doing your best.

I would continue to contact CPS, see if anybody else can, like a teacher or the taekwondo teacher or somebody who has credibility from working with children. You're in the worst place because they can claim jealousy. If it's so extreme that you think he's in danger you need to call CPS and give them an example where they were called, they did nothing and the child was hurt or killed. It sounds extreme but they need to be scared into action, their bosses won't let them take a risk if you say something that scares them.

Apart from that, there's not much you can do except show unconditional love for your stepson so that he feels cared for and loved, it must be so hard on him but you're doing a great job as a step-mom, and maybe one day you'll get full custody.
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