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There are many beautiful

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:02 pm    Post subject: There are many beautiful Reply with quote

There are many beautiful sounds in life, like beautiful flowers.Helping voiceblind old woman is hesitating to cross the road Cigarettes Online. At this time, a childish voice called: "Grandma, I will help you cross the road!"Then, a pair of small hands inserted the arms of the grandmother, the little boy was careful, afraid of falling old grandmother. Suddenly, the little boy was stumbled by the stone. "Oh!" He couldn't help but screamed, his knees had already touched the blood. "What's wrong, child?" The grandmother stopped. "Nothing, I... lick something." The little boy hurriedly said that he had turned his grandmother safely across the road and the grandmother touched the child's head Marlboro Cigarettes Price. He praised hihe childish voice of the little boy is a fragrant flower, which makes a blind person feel the sunshine of life...amily beautyn the avenue of the outing, the younger sister took the younger brother, and the younger brother was full of curiosity about the colorful world around him. So she broke free of her sister's hand and rushed forward. "Bao", the little boy slipped, and some blood was oozing out on the calf. "Wow", my sister immediately ran over, pulled out a clean handkerchief, gently wiped the wound, and wiped while comforting the younger brother: "��Don't cry, the boy can't just cry Marlboro Red." The sister caressed the younger brother's head.The comforting voice of my sister is a beautiful flower, which makes the child feel the incomparable love Carton Of Marlboro Reds.Teacher and student beautyn the corridor, a student rushed up with a lot of homework, and a teacher with glasses walked down with his teaching aids."----The sound came from the corner, and a group of classmates were on the lookout. I saw the homework scattered on the ground. The teacher fell to the ground and the glasses fell. Everyone pinched one for the classmate. Put sweat.e teacher stood up and hurriedly picked up the classmate. "Isn't it hurt?" The classmate didn't dare to speak out Newport 100S, just nodded. The teacher packed the workbook and sent it to his hand. "Be careful next time, do you know?" Then the teacher picked up the broken glasses and there was a round of applause in the corridor.e teacher's tolerance is also a beautiful flower, which makes the teachers and students more intimate...he beautiful voices in life are everywhere, and flowers are everywhere in life. I hope life will be better.
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