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On the morning of March 10

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 7:46 pm    Post subject: On the morning of March 10 Reply with quote

On the morning of March 10, I came to Ningbo Ocean World and finally realized my "sea" dream - although it does not have the vastness of the sea, it has the same wonder of the sea. what is that? How is the head like a horse, the tail like a monkey, the eyes like a chameleon, and a small nose with a body like a woodcarving. It actually hangs up and "swimming" in the water. Guess who it is? Yes, it is a mini cute little hippocampus. along, we came to the mermaid performance venue. I saw her light dance, her beautiful dance even the "Spider-Man" of Hollywood in the United States was dumped, and it was only for the beauty of the people. They danced together, perfect together, and finally swam to the "happy" land How Much Is A Carton Of Newports.ourney of the "sea" made me appreciate the unfathomable charm of the "sea" and feel today. We walked into the beautiful sea world with the glass, I saw grotesque, colorful, hordes of fish beside me, greeted me; some were wide and fat, and leisurely shuttled through the grass; some small and exquisite, motionless Bubbles are blowing at the bottom of the water; others are slender and tangled, and it is strange that the fish dances with people's footsteps and writes a bizarre underwater concert. There are also colorful corals, which are different in appearance and look good. There is only one kind of animal in this tank. What do the tour guides say? Oh! It turns out that one of the cylinders is electric cymbal, and the other is an animal that looks very similar to the electric raft��the Nile devil. If you don't look at it, you really can't see it!he mysterious underwater tunnel. We all looked up with great excitement. Wow! The white belly passed over our heads, like the "clouds" floating in the air. Various sharks play around us and have fun! What kind of lemon shark, nurse shark, I haven't even heard the name before, let alone see.ngbo Ocean World is a paradise for us and a paradise for marine life! After the New Year Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, my grandmother is coming to our house, and my mother has made a big table to welcome her Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. soon as I entered the door, my grandmother would send me a red envelope. I could find a wallet when I found it. When my grandmother reacted, the wallet fell on the tricycle. This is how to do? Grandma was anxious to squat in the room and did not know how to be good. Mom quickly ran to comfort her grandmother, and Dad used to persuade her grandmother: "Mom, isn't it a little money? Just ask us to eat Carton Of Cigarettes." I listened to the expression of satisfying after eating Parliament Cigarettes, and jokingly said: "Hey, it��s so full!"his time, the doorbell rang again. Dad ran to open the door. Standing outside the door was a guy in his 20s. He said that he came to find an old woman, and her wallet fell on the tricycle. Grandma recognized him. It turned out to be a tricycle driver. He came to send the wallet! In order to thank him, Grandma took out 100 yuan from the wallet to give him, he refused to say, smiled and left. Looking at the back of his far away, there was a warmth in my heart.
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