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Hurting and need help

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Joined: 17 Feb 2008
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 8:35 pm    Post subject: Hurting and need help Reply with quote

I am new to this site and desperate for advice. I filed for divorce in August 2005. The day I left my ex threatened to shoot me and was arrested because he made this statement on a 911 call. This is the only time he ever physically threatened me but I had endured many years of emotional neglect and emotional abuse. Our divorce became final in July of 2006 and we had joint custody. The court appointed attorney for my child has shown so much partiallity to my ex it is unbelieveable. And under much pressure from her stating that I would lose my child if I did not sign a letter to the prosecuting attorney stating that I did not feel it necessary to persue the criminal charges against my ex. I did not place these charges, the state that I live in did, and at the time she made this implication to me he had already been found guilty and was in the appeal process. She has continued to communicate with my ex and his attorney, and basically negelcted all of my pleas to see thru his act, and have very little communication with me. He filed to get full custody of our child 2 months after our decree was signed. and remarried 3 months after that. I have been battling non-stop to keep my child and to prove that I am not mentally unstable, as he seems to be telling everyone in town. The court ordered mediation, in which he was very uncooperative. The court also had psycological evaluations done on both of us, which were normal. I also saw a psychitrist on my own, to prove that I was mentally stable. My ex put our child into therapy without my knowledge but the court appointed attorney for the child was a part of this and they are stating I am the one commiting parental alienation. He has also sought medical and dental care on numerous occassions without consulting with me or advising me of the outcome of these visits even before the divorce was final. He was building a case as if I were not an attentive mother. When up until the divorce, he never assisted with any care giving. They have also tried to condem me at my work place for saying anything negative about my ex there. When he and his attorney are making untrue statements to everyone in town about me . And now on Valentines Day the Judge based his opinion on recommendations fromcourt appointed attorney for the child with complete disregard to the findings of the mediator or the psycologist and gave custody to my ex. I now have standard visitation and no say in anything that happens in my childs life. By the way my ex has 2 older children and this is my only child. Crying or Very sad
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