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I'm wondering if I'll lose my kids to this guy

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 11:17 am    Post subject: I'm wondering if I'll lose my kids to this guy Reply with quote

Hey Everyone

I'm currently involved in a custody suit and I can't express what a nightmare it has been for the kids and myself. To sum everything up I am in my thirties with two children above the age of ten. I was married 6 years to an abuser and divorced 6 years the whole time having joint custody with final decision rights and physical custody.

Last year when I was having quite a hard financial time and almost lost my home my ex husband remarried and decided he wanted sole custody of the children. He had me served and I was to appear in court a week later on emergency basis asking the judge to hold me in contempt of court because he said I was going to move without providing thirty days notice. Well the judge threw it out immediately as he had no solid evidence except for he said she said type thing.

Meanwhile he admits on court records that he physically abused me, that he owes back child support arrears, which btw amount to over 5,200 and he blames on me telling the court I told him he didn't have to pay and than he admits to having his son for three days with broken fingers and seeking no medical attention for him but blames it on the school and myself. I can't tell you what a nightmare he and his attorney are and now his new wife. They show up at my house unannounced, they interrogate the children daily about my personal life its just absolutely ridiculous. He even forced my daughter to give him the password to one of her site accounts (that I won't name) and he used her account to get onto my profile which is on private to the public and gain information about me. He recently starting letting his son fire guns and his new wifes parents helped him cheat on the gun safety test giving him answers he couldn't answer on his own. The list goes on and on.

He made numerous false allegations against me some I have documentation to back up. He's lied over and over again. I'm just wondering how a court system can let an admitted abuser who owes child support who has lied in allegations and so on and so forth continue to drag myself and his children through a legal system as a means of control. His children don't even want to live with him and doesn't what they think count? Mostly I feel for the children they are always stressed and my daughter said she wanted to kill herself if she had to go live with him.

I'm in such a pickle but I'm really just looking to sound off and maybe meet other mothers in similiar situations.
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