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South Carolina custody

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Joined: 11 Sep 2008
Posts: 1
State or Province: South Carolina

PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, 2008 11:29 am    Post subject: South Carolina custody Reply with quote

My son was just born in August! He is right over a month old. Recently me and my boyfriend have been fighting alot and are bound on splitting up! We have been unmarried but our son has his last name! I've decided that if we do seperate then i want to get sole custody with him getting no visitation rights. This is because our son is now his 3rd child and yet his first (daughter) child he does not pay any type of child support and is still at this time married to her mother ( not even seperated), and his second child (son) he pays child support for but has absolutley nothing to do with and he only lives 15 minutes from us. I have now been the 5th woman he's gotten pregnant in the last 6 years and our son should have been his 6th child! BTW I was not made aware of this information until after we found out I was pregnant. He also has a felony against him for abusing his wife, ex-wife whatever you want to call her. I do not want him in my sons life for the simple fact he is a very controlling guy to the point through my whole pregnancy I was told what I could wear, who I could talk to and what I could do! I had to check in with him atleast every two hours. Recently my ex-fiance got intouch with me and now wants to be a father to my son( not his) and is a really good guy. Help, what should I do? Will any of this play to my strengths for me to get sole custody with him getting no visitation rights? And if anyone knows where I can get some information on getting my son's last name changed to mine! By the way I live in South Carolina!
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Still in Love

Joined: 05 Sep 2006
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State or Province: California

PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, 2008 3:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

there really isn't sole custody anymore... you may get primary custody, but even ax murderers are allowed supervised visitation of their children...

If he isn't with his wife.. then he is separated. Shame on the wife for not filing for divorce and taking his butt to court to get child support. He is only legally obligated to pay support, not see the child so if he is paying support for his second child, he is doing his legal obligation.

Just because this is his third child does not make him any less this child's father... he could have 12 kids by 12 other women, and be allowed to see and be in their lives.

You will not get what you want unless you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is going to hurt this child. Since the child is so young, he may only get a small amount of time for the first few months... but he can argue that the two of you have been living together and he has participated in everything pertaining to caring for your son... it would be your burden to prove to the judge that he didn't... He could get overnights.

I hate to be the barer of bad news, but it sounds like you may have gotten a better offer and now don't care about the father of your child or his rights... just as long as you get to have your life as you want it...

Dads have rights too. If you want to go and have a life with your ex boyfriend, go for it... go to court and sue your child's father for support and custody, but be prepared that if he wants to see his son, the courts are going to give him that... he could get up to 50% of your childs time...
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