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PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 12:06 pm    Post subject: NO MOTHER IS SAFE!!!! Reply with quote

I am an educated, successful, great mother of four beautiful children.... OR SO I THOUGHT! I met a wonderful man 2 years ago and we fell in love. He took my children in as if they were his own. My oldest daughter (8 at the time) had a hard time with the fact that the man in our lives WAS NOT HER DADDY!!! (He is in jail for drugs.) She has typical daddy's girl syndrome. My husband has two children of his own, and we thought that the kids were getting along great. Until last summer (2008). M--- was 12 (my husbands daughter) and A---- was 9 (my oldest daughter). M's behavior, language, and attitude were horrible and starting to change A's behavior for the worst. We started intercepting inappropriate conversations between the girls regarding sex and boys also. My husband and I knew something had to be done--so we decided to separate the girls...only we were too late. M and A were both very upset with the fact that we were getting the family ready to move out of state. M's mother telling her that her father didn't love her enough to stay here to be with her, and A was mad because she just flat out didn't want to go. She made sure that everyone knew that she wasn't matter what! So the girls got together and cooked up this story that my husband "touched them". The police investigated, found no merit to M's story, but believed A's story. (despite the fact that they were the same story....????) CPS got involved. And because I know my daughter better than anyone on the planet and knew from the begining that she was lying, CPS took my 3 oldest children. They became temporary managing conservator of them, placed them with my aunt and father. ( An overweight lazy, pill popping, self-centered, never married, man-hating woman, and an alcoholic man---- go figure). My youngest child was not taken from me, although the kids were all treated the same. I now get to see them every other week for 2 hours. The DA is pursuing a case against my husband but with NO evidence! CPS and the DA both believe that children never lie, they aren't manipulative, they don't attempt to have things their way. I guess none of them have ever raised a child. I was a single mom for a long time, so to have a practically empty house is killing me. I pray every night that GOD gives my husband's attorneys the right words and the wisdom needed to end this mess. I pray that the blood of Jesus Christ will protect my family from the evil that ripping it apart. I pray that the Holy Spirit will grant me peace and perserverence during this time of tribulation. I pray that the Angels will watch over my children while we are apart. I feel as if there is a huge hole in my heart that can only be filled by my children. I have learned that NO family is safe, NO mother is safe, NO father is safe, and our children are definiately not safe from the evil that tearing families apart. CPS, police, the DA.. no one asks questions anymore. No one does investigating anymore. It is all about numbers, polititcs, and headlines. I pray that your family never has to go through what we are enduring, but BEWARE. Evil is everywhere! Shocked
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