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parental agreement neglected, yet Im to blame

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Joined: 18 Jul 2009
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State or Province: Nevada

PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:52 pm    Post subject: parental agreement neglected, yet Im to blame Reply with quote

Sooo many storys I can tell you.

Parental agreement states I have joint custody with ex over our 3 children. Agreement also states switch off on Fridays at 6pm. (week on week off)

Ex comes by whenever he chooses on his weeks, He use to show up every other Friday anywhere from 6pm to 8:30pm. It has become to where he doesnt even show up on Fridays anymore at all. His days to show up are now becoming random, anywhere from 1 -3 days LATER than his scheduled Friday.

Children tell me stories when they return of what takes place at his home. They tell me they dont want to go.
I have a 15 yr old who had an argument with me back around Thanksgiving and has been with my ex ever since. My ex does not enforce my son to come spend time with me at all. Yet, when I try to call my 15 yr old, his phone is blocked from my numbers. I am not able to talk to him at all. When I request that he calls me, its HOURS later before
my son actually talks to me.

My 12 yr old son and My 8 yr old daughter now refuse to go to his house on his weeks. I do not make them go any longer. My ex has called the police on me stating Im keeping the children from him, but the children plainly tell the officers they do not want to go. However when they do go, I let them go with him. Yet, a few days later, my children call me and beg me to come get them from his place.

Every time my children return to me, they are sick, hurt and complain they havent eaten and ex has no food in the house and he hasnt been home in awhile. (I called CPS on him, as long as he shoes up for 10 minutes in a 24 hr time period, has milk, bread, and water, and has a phone to dial 911, there is no report to be filed.)
Practically every time the children return to me, I have to take them to urgent care to get meds as my ex refuses to take them. When they do have meds, my ex refuses to give it to them. My daughter has even said my ex will not allow her to wear her glasses, which are perscribed and she needs to have them on all the time.

Now I get an email from my ex stating Im refusing to abide by the parenting agreement that we have in place.
I have asked for the children to be spoken with by a mediator or judge or someone. The mediator says he needs a court doc, the judge says he wont talk to the children but the mediator, or school councelor can but wont sign a doc, the lawyer says not enough merit to make a doc. Have children be talked to by school councelor. Talked to school councelor, school district lawyers state wont write any documentation for courts. CIRCLES!!!

Im lost and frustrated. As all of this is giving me physical and mental anziety.
What are my rights??? What do I do???
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Joined: 01 Feb 2009
Posts: 17
State or Province: New Jersey

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 5:32 pm    Post subject: What's the status Reply with quote

This was interesting. So what has been happening.

My son wants to go to his Dad's house. It is fun all the time over a carnival.

Then my son comes home here and he has to do things like school work, chores, etc.

Ahhh life.

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