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Fighting My Ex's Parents for custody

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Kit Kat

Joined: 04 Oct 2010
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State or Province: Missouri

PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:03 pm    Post subject: Fighting My Ex's Parents for custody Reply with quote

So, here's the situation. I am in the middle of a custody battle with my ex-husbands parents. He recently passed away this past July unexpectedly. We had shared custody, with him having Primary. I moved to Missouri from PA 4 years ago with the clothes on my back, my 2 boys and whatever toys and clothes and personal belonings I could fit into my car. My husband was abusing me on a rgular bases and almost killed me a couple of times. I got primary custody at our first hearing, he then filed for special relief and I had to go to court again about a year later with no lawyer and no money for a lawyer. He was granted primary then, I was under the assumption that the custody arrangement would then change (me having them summers and christmas vacation and him having them thru the school year), that apparently was not so, there was a conciliation without my knowledge, and it was changed to when "the 2 parties agreed upon". I got them that first summer and the following christmas without much problem, but when it came to the following summer, I was told the the boys didn't want to come, so he was not going to make them, when christmas rolled around, I was told he didn't have the money to come meet me. I told him I would drive out and get them and then he said no. And with it being in the "as agreed upon" terms, there was nothing I could do. It went on like that over 2 years, me offering to come get them or see them and being denied. Now he has passed and his parents are tryiing to get custody. I went to a conciliation in August and did not even get a chance to go into the conciliation to say my piece. Temporary primary custody was granted to the grandparents, based on the fact that I hadn't seen them in 2 years. I had retained a layer, for all it was worth, which I think was nothing, and now she is telling me that all I have to go on is my standing as their mother, that i have a steady job a car and my own home now. The grandparents filed saying that the kids have lived with them for the past year, which is not true ( under PA law the only custodial or visitation rights that a grandparent can get is if the kids have lived with them for a year). I don't know what to do, I don't have the money for another lawyer and owe mine about 2 grand already for pretty much doing nothing, I believe she is incompetent but have no other choice at this point. I am willing to keep fighting for my boys and don't know if she is right in thinking that I really have no way of winning (in so many words). does anyone have any advice or suggestions?
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