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Having a Child with a Man on child support

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 12:09 pm    Post subject: Having a Child with a Man on child support Reply with quote

Alot of women will probably try and attack me for my comments right now in regards to child support. I have been with a man for 3 yrs and he is on child support, ok fine, me personally if we weren't together I wouldn't put him on child support, but I guess to each it's own. I have a child with this man and ever since his ex who is with someone else about to get married to this other man who she has a child with found out that I was having a baby with her ex she has done everything in her power to try and take more money from him for child support and I feel it personal because she doesn't want him to be able to provide for the child we have together, so she wants to take evrything. I know I knew he was on child support already which that was fine but why should it be that my child doesn't deserve to have equally as much support and why should he not be able to contribute in the household he lives in as well. She defrauds the system by working under the table to receive welfare and receive child support payments at the same time. There is suppose to be a reveiw or COLA every 3 years but some how she has managed to get them to do another one before it has been three years, something just doesn't seem right about how these things are going on. All I am saying is how is it possible for a person to live off the government ,scam the governemnt and all of that and collect money from someone when they are not working hard to provide for that child only everyone who is working everyday on the books tax dollar is providing monies to provide shelter and food and whatever else along with the child support and while that money gets spent on hair, nails, and concert tickets. I just don't think it is right. I am a mom who goes to school, works hard everyday at work (Full-time) spends all my money on bills struggling to make ends meet, but yet when my child father called about modifications they claimed they needed to view my income and it would be taken into account in order to see about reducing his child support, what does my income have to do with him taking care of my child equally as the child under the support order, that type of mess isn't right, so because I make whatever I make he shouldn't have to equally take care of my child or have less obligation because of what I make and we live together, he has obligation in our home and to our son as well. The child support system isn't really about the best interest of the child, the child support system is about turning a father into a wallet, making the fathers life a living hell if they do not stick with the women he made a child with, then a man should suffer not being able to take care of him self and have to get two jobs or another family and he should be allowed to start another family because they made a child with another women but the other women is entitle to a good and happy life or start a new life with someone else and doesn't need to go out and get to jobs to support there child and can be with however whenever that is ok. It's absurd and then they wonder why we have so many lazy people living off the government who continue to have baby after baby knowing they can't afford it ( I know many women that do this because it's a bigger check and there with men who weren't doing nothing in the first place but as soon as those men leave then they want child support)because it is allowed. Child support is more than just money, it is love and time, not just money and they have turned this into some sick get revenge quest for women to be able to retaliate. I go into these forums and instead of women complaining about things like he doesn't see my child which it seems that doesn't even be the case in most womens instances, they are sayingthings like oh my ex is getting married can I take their new spouse up for support, or can I raise my support because my ex got remarried, I am on welfare and am having another child can I get more money for my first child, I am on unemployment and need more money how can I get that, money, money , money, it's not even about the children. Child support is not mother support it is sickening how these mothers are being. Now I can see if the man was doing nothing and giving nothing but to say their not giving enough, atleast there is an effort being made. Rent, utilities etc things like that is a mothers own cost not for the absent father to pay because you are no longer together. The only cost that should be paid in that case is for the child and should be split equally. I don't get it, it is a shame how vendictive some women are to make sure that they assasinate a man to nothing because they are not with them and worried about what they are doing in the next relationship, I don't understand why that matters all that should matter is all that should matter is that he takes care equally and not just financially but physically, but back to story I was called by his ex and basically talked about because I was having a child with him which is none of her concern, especially when she was having a child with someone else and about to get married, so I just don'tget it. My sons father not only is obligated to take care of my child the same as hers but as take care of expenses in the house that he lives in with me equally as well. If it were up to me women receiving child support would have to show what they are spending the money on, show receipts and everything then I wonder how many women would wnat to still collect child support I would say about only 25% would. Any one is open to comment on everything I just stated it still will not change how I think because there is over a million men on child support in the US and all of them aren't deadbeats majority of child support cases are there for the mothers personal feeling(emotions), very I can't even say 50% is because the father isn't doing anything, I would say about 25% maybe the father is doing anything those are the women who should be able to put the father on child support. Women should have to prove that the father is doing nothing in order to start a support order.Really, I thought women were suppose to be better and strong than this!
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