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In need of advice and support...

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:37 am    Post subject: In need of advice and support... Reply with quote

Hi everyone - I am at my wits end and have been searching for a place to discuss my situation and questions with other mothers who may have had similar issues. I am the mom to two beautiful children ages 9 and 7. I have had primary custody of them since my divorce in 2013 and prior to that was the sole caregiver. My ex-husband was very VERY minimally involved in their lives until a year ago when I sought an increase in my child care support. Since then, he (and his new girlfriend) have harassed me via an overwhelming amount of e-mails, arguing with me on anything and everything, made it impossible for me to do anything due to joint legal custody and him going opposite my stance on everything, and went as far as making false claims to child protective services that I was leaving my children unattended at home while at work (the caseworker immediately closed the case stating false allegations). Now, he is seeking a huge increase in parenting time - he currently gets them every other saturday to sunday and wed from 5-7, however he is frequently asking to switch his weekends due to his schedule and cannot take them wed evenings due to his job. He now wants every other thursday to monday and a whole bunch of other floating days for him to take whenever - four weeks worth to be exact. Obviously this is absurd, and he lives over an hour away so having them during the school week is impossible. My attorney has stated that Minnesota has a 25% presumption of custody so most likely he will be able to petition the court for more time. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND! I am so upset and saddened by this whole situation. I have repeatedly asked him to put aside his anger and work TOGETHER for the kids best interest but he will not. He is out to get me and the only way he can hurt me is by getting more time. My question is how can he just waltz back in and get a substantial amount of more time with the kids when he has made the CHOICE to not be involved for their entire lives? Why should my children have to be uprooted completely and me punished because I chose to be a mother to my kids? I am just so frustrated I cannot even explain. Has anyone out there been through something similar and is there any advice you could give? My attorney is suggesting hiring a parenting consultant who will hear our sides and formulate a definitive decision on the parenting time, and other issues as well. I don't know what to do - either way I will end up in court or with a consultant and I want to make the best choice.... any help is much appreciated. Thank you for reading..
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