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Parenting Rights-reform the government from stealing rights

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 2:23 pm    Post subject: Parenting Rights-reform the government from stealing rights Reply with quote

I hava new topic - beign persecuted by those that apparently feel that becuase I'm a big fat minority woman that I must need their advice on how to raise, parent and talk ttmy kid - which Iemphatically do not! When these do-gooders get wind of my rejection of their advice and meddling they are upset. I have been the brunt of more than one false accusation to social services of which have ben unfounded - hear that unfounded. I've read ont he internet of others like me. The goverment can not best raise our kids - parents can. These social agencies in each state are paid by our tax dolalrs and need clients to keep their jobs - well they can't have my kid. My child and I have been the victims in school of having an IEP forced on us with threates of court action if I did not have her tested. She is now farther behind in school in high school than her test scores were in grade school when she was in regular classsroom!! We have also been forced to have her take psychiatric meds against my and her will because the school feels she needs them - and they are "fine" as long as she has this IEP and takes meds and sees a therapist - this is sick in America.. So I have no rights and my child is drugged and isolated in special ed in an alternative school. Then when I parent her and she and I get along well and she comes to me I am falsely accused from time to time of speaking harsh or doing something wrong to her. [b]So I want to hear form others who are fed up with people runnig our kids, our lives and our families and who want to ge together ot advocate for change in parent rights laws. [/b] In may case if I were a 130 pound white woman I owuld get away with scremaing and spanking my kid, but since I weigh 300 pounds and am black I must be doing something wrong. To you social workers and schools I don't need your help and am proud to say I have been unfounded of each case, and have never attended any counseling ever and have raseid my child my way with of course the exception of the fourced IPE and drugging. I am a loving Christina woman who works professionally - so get the hell out of my life. Most recently my child was having trouble in school and would run and hide after school and once swallowed pills to feel better and once robbed a store. (The store makes ME liable not the school or do-gooders). I instituted with the help of the school in this case that she would come see me ater school to talk and vent of which she wants to do this and does. Now the people o my job are meddling in this and falsely accusing the time we spend with her venting and crying over school or some friend as time I'm doing something wrong to her!!!! GET THA!!! Like I said I'm a 300 pound black woman so I must be wrong - WRONG! [b]Let's hear back from others who feel parenting belongs to the parents and who want to reform these *&%# organizations with their TV adds to drum up business on false abuse statistics like HRS and DCFS and DFS. Yep - I've brought up a taboo topic - their must be 100's like me out there - let's speak up!![/b]
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