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Guardian Ad Litem's report is full of lies

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Joined: 06 Mar 2007
Posts: 25
State or Province: New Hampshire

PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2007 10:36 pm    Post subject: Guardian Ad Litem's report is full of lies Reply with quote

This has been bothering me for weeks now. So much so that I can not sleep at night, thinking about the lies the GAL printed in his report.
My daughter had a child out of wed lock. The father denied this child was his. for 16 months of this childs life his father had nothing to do with him.
When the child was 16 months old he contacted my daughter and asked if he could see his son. My husband and I were totally against this but my daughter insisted.
My husband and I both decieded that if we kept saying she should not let the father see this child that she may go behind our backs and let him take advantage of her and convince her of things she should not be doing.
so we agreed to the fathers seeing the child with us supervising the visits at our home.
I should add into here that when the child was born , the fathers mother was told she would never be denied her grandchild. she took the baby on a Saturday here and there and she only would take the baby when we asked her if she wanted to have him for the day. She never called and asked if she could take the baby. When the baby was 4 months old we stopped asking her if she wanted to take the baby, we left it up to her to call us. well it took her 3 months to call. by this time the child was 7 months old and was aware of the people around him. My daughter told her that she did not think it was a good idea for her to come and take him because she has not been in the babys life for a long time and he would not remember her, and it would be like handing him over to a stranger. And also the baby was sick at the time with infected ears. My daughter told her she should come by the house and let the baby get to know her again before she takes him on her own again.
well my daughter did not hear from her again, until 4 more months went by. and that was to sing happy birthday to the baby on our message machine.
So the father of the baby comes to our house in June 06 the child is 16 months old. tells my husband and I how much of a jerk he was and he wants to get to know his son he is a changed person he has been to anger management and also councling. and he had to make a start somewhere.
He had a total of 6 visits with a total of 4 hours seeing this child. on his visits he would stay 20 mins, some times a half hour. In November 06. His name was in the paper for beating up his girlfriend and he was arrested. my daughter told him no more visits he did not change at all.
In December my daughter gets served with papers to go to court .
we went to court. he stood up in court lied said he has been seeing the child since he was 9 months old.and he was making cash payments in suport for the child. This creap never gave my daughter a penny for this child. he brought with him 3 packs of diapers for the child, from june to November. That was it, The judge ordered him to pay child suport he made one payment. from January to april. the child suport agency in our state started to take it out of his checks. he is behind 2000.00
the judge also ordered that he sign the birth certificate he has still not done that or asked to do that.
the judge said she will appoint a GAL and we will go from there.
the court orders came back that he got 3 suppervised visits. the he can take the chld on his own every saturday for 8 hours. I thought that was crazy a judge would give him unsuppervised visits like that. my daughters lawyer said you cant go against a court order. so this happened.
The GAL gets involved he does a interview with my daughter. my daughter informs the GAL of the fathers past records such as he is a registered sex offender. he has been arrested for drugs many times. and he is also a habitual offender. the GAL tells my daughter all that is not relevent. I told the GAL about the fathers mother was given full oppertunity to see the child and she chose not to on her own.
I was listed as one of her witnesses that the GAL should contact to talk to. he talks to me 3 days before the court date
The GAL recommended that the father gets Every other Saturday at 10 am to sunday 6pm with this child. until August then he will take this child every other weekend from friday night until sunday night. He also puts in to his report that the father has been seeing this child since he was 6 months old . and my daughter agreed with this. She never said any thing like that to him she told the truth he did not see the child until he was 16 months old.
He also put into his report that my husband and I stood in the way of the fathers , mother seeing her grandchild. I am beside my self in how this man who is surpose to be out for the best interest of the child can write lies like this to make the father out to be a good person who did the right things by this child. oh he also stated that the father did not see the baby for the first 6 months of his life, because my daughter would not let him.
any one have any suggestions on what I should do to correct all his lies.
i was thinking I should write him a letter, and also one to the judge.
I dont want to hurt my daughter in the courts eyes by any actions that I take.
Dont get me wrong I do believe the father should be seeing his child. and every child deserves to know their fathers With this fathers past and his non involvement I believe they should still be supprvised visits.
Any suggestions on what I should do with the GAL I would be truely thankful.
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Joined: 10 Nov 2006
Posts: 24
State or Province: Utah

PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2007 3:09 pm    Post subject: Hmm Reply with quote

Wow, well it sounds like a rough few years to go! The GAL is right about his past incedeints. Usually you have to prove how he is a direct threat to the child. The sex offender would be the only thing I think that you would have against him and only if its from violating a child.
What did the GAL lie about?
Maybe your daughter can request a new GAL for the baby. About all the lies, I am not sure what you can do about them unless you have some type of proof, its their word against yours. I think that since the father filed first for child support and visitation they may be more biased towards him. At least that is my personal oppion from what I have seen.
I think that if you went to court for the visitation, you can make an appeal. (I think) I also think you have a limited about of time to do it though. Or atleast mom could ask ask for supervised visits until the child is familar and comfertable to be with dad.
I guess you could right a letter to the judge, can hurt I dont think, but I am not sure how much help it would be either. Mom should probably seek legal help. Good Luck
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Joined: 06 Mar 2007
Posts: 25
State or Province: New Hampshire

PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 7:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The GAL lied about the father being around since the child was 6 months old. also lied about my daughter Not letting the father see the child before he was 6 months old. the father was denying the child up until the child was 16 months old. the GAL also lied about my husband and I standing in the way of the fathers, mother seeing the child. It was her choice not to see the child.
My Grandsons father and Mother felt they had to lie to the GAL and courts . maybe because they were shamed of the lack of interest they had in this child. After reading these boards I see it would not have made a difference if he came into the childs life when he was 10. He would still be given every right to the child. The laws are really screw up with This Fathers rights crap. If a father refuses to sign a childs birth certificate that father should have no rights at all.
I am hoping when the final hearing comes up that The truth will have a chance to come out.
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