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someone please help!!!!!!!!

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Joined: 13 Sep 2007
Posts: 2
State or Province: Indiana

PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 3:08 am    Post subject: someone please help!!!!!!!! Reply with quote

Hello to looking for some help. I'm a 41 year old mother of 3, 20g 13g 7 little man..oldest is on her own and the two youngest live with their dad. 3 years ago my ex took me to court to get custody of my two youngest due to the oldest wasnt his ,,she is from a previous marriage..

I have been divorced for 6 years. 7 years ago they found that i had a brain telling you all this so maybe you can get an outlook on what has happened to help alittle more..
my ex husband was a very verbally abusive man and it took me 9 years to leave him... in 2000 they found that i had a brain tumor,and had to have it removed. 2001 i had it taken out. i came home from surgery and stayed with my mother so my ex could work and not worry about me..i stayed with her for 2 weeks and with the kidz. My mother said to me why dont you go home see how things are and maybe things would be ok..I went home and took my oldest with me at that time she was 13. We walked into the house my ex grabbed me took me to our bedroom tied me to the bed ripped out the phone and locked the door. my 13 year old daughter broke the door in and her and i left ,,and the next day i filed for divorce.Its too bad bad things have to happen for you to realize what is right and wrong..i just didnt want to see it.
A year later our divorce went through. I could not work due to the brain tumor when they went in to remove it they severed the memory and speech it took me almost two years to speek i am disabled.but that doesnt stop me for being a great mother..
In 2003 my ex decided to take me to court to get full custody of the kidz. I used my lawyer that i used for our divorce e was a great lawyer but through the battle i felt he really didnt want to help kept telling me that my ex was going to win,,by the time i decided to get a new lawyer i went to look for one and it was time for our court date..i had quite a few people to come and go to court with me he had one.. 4 months later i got a letter in the mail that my ex one that i had to turn my kidz over to their abusive out court hearings they didnt want to hear what he was like while we were married and how he treated the two oldest.I was affraid he would still treat my daughter the same when she went there..
well its been 3 years now that he has had the kidz and im wanting to get them 13 year old daughter called me the other day to tell me she had to go in and talk to her counselor about her dad.and wanted to know when she can go to court to come home with me..that he doesnt give her her medicine..she is bipolar and has a thyroid problem like her older sister. he is to be takeing her to a therapist and hasnt taken her in a year. what can i do to get my kidz back..i cant get a lawyer like i had before but i cnat afford one kidz deserve to be with a good parent that will treat them right.and love them my 13 has always been a straight A student and this year she is failing in school..
please someone help i need it so desperatly...

i Love mykidz3
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Joined: 07 Oct 2007
Posts: 44
State or Province: Maryland

PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 7:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

First thing you need to do is to contact the child advocacy center in your area and tell them what your daughter told you. Explain to them that first off you want them to intervene to make sure that your children are getting the medicine that they need. They will take it from there if they see any type of abuse whatsoever. Your daughters will have to speak with them about whats going on. Then you need to go back to court and fight for your daughters rights.
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Joined: 17 Nov 2007
Posts: 1
State or Province: California

PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 2:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You didn't mention if you called the police when he did this. I realize that he pulled the phone out, but did you get a chance to report it? If by any chance you did, you need you use that.

Have you considered an OSC (Order to show cause) for a 730 Custody Evaluation?

That would be the first place I'd start. As far as legal fees, you didn't mention you finances. Chances are, he will have to pay YOURS.

Good Luck, hang in there, you'll make it. Keep us updated!
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